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You know GLT Logistics for our industry-leading technology and reliable team. Now you can count on us to simplify your cargo insurance coverage.


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Why Go GLT for Cargo Insurance

As a trusted and reliable partner, GLT Logistics offers simple, straightforward answers when you need them. We’re experts in servicing freight forwarders and our industry-leading technology keeps our customers in the know every step of the way. Not only will we handle your shipment from start to finish; we’ll also save you time and money with our affordable, convenient cargo insurance. 


What We Secure

When you go GLT, you can count on convenient, all-risk coverage for both domestic and international shipments from warehouse to warehouse. Whether you’re adding on to existing insurance or this is your first policy, we’ll tailor the perfect solution for your needs. You can work directly with our team to secure your additional coverage even when shipping through any another provider 

Our services include: 

Comprehensive Coverage

For domestic shipments handled via ground transportation 

Access extra insurance protection coverage whether you tender your load through GLT Logistics, or directly through your own providers 

Comprehensive Coverage

For shipments moving on international lanes via vessel or airplane 

All Risk Coverage

For domestic U.S.A warehoused goods

Through GLT Logistics, you’ll gain access to competitive rates and guaranteed superior coverage. You can choose (and pay for) the amount of coverage you really need. 

Enjoy the Benefits of

All-Risk Coverage 

We’ll protect your business and your bottom line. When multiple carriers are touching your cargo, things can get complicated. Protect your business with comprehensive coverage during both international and domestic transport. With GLT Logistics, your shipments are secure against: 

Accidents during transportation

All risk of physical loss and damage 

Theft, pillage, and terrorism 


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GLT is not an insurance company, insurance agency, or re-seller of insurance. Instead, GLT is a transportation intermediary or freight broker, providing assistance to shipper customers at their direction and request. GLT’s role is limited to provide referral and general customer assistance in locating and obtaining an insurance policy from a duly licensed and authorized insurer. Shipper waives any and all potential liability of GLT in regard to any assistance, act, or omission in relation to the obtaining of insurance coverages. It is the duty of the Shipper to ensure that coverages obtained meet their needs.