Meet Juan Vallejo! 

10 Undeniable Reasons to
Love Logistics 

My name is Juan Vallejo and I’ve been in this business for 4 short years, started as an LTL Dispatcher and then becoming an Over the Road lover. During this amazing ride, I’ve learned to love this crazy industry and I’d like to share with you why I chose logistics as my career.

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1. The most dynamic environment – Being able to work in logistics provides such a rush. Between trying to solve issues to make a customer happy, and producing excellent results one click at a time, the work gives me the ability to feel like I am making a difference  from behind my computer. And bonus! I meet new people either on the phone, through email, or in person every single day.

2. I learn something new every day – Being in this business teaches me a lot.  It teaches me how the market behaves, how drastic changes like a government shutdown impacts business, how a single cent increase in fuel prices impacts market rates, and most importantly it teaches me that changes happen fast and we have to adapt even faster to keep up.

3. It gives me satisfaction – I sometimes get so caught up in the job that I become immune to the impact that logistics can have on people. Every single person involved in the supply chain from point A to point B has an important role. We are helping a driver feed his family, a dispatcher grow in his career, a shipper distribute his product, and the end user enjoy it.

4. Teamwork – Logistics is an amazing industry and having a great team is the key to success. It provides stability and it teaches us the skills to work with people from different backgrounds. My team shares the same positive attitude and works hard to make our company run smoothly. Our bond is incredible.

5. It teaches us how to work under pressure – This business teaches us to be good at multi-tasking, to have a good memory, to create a sense of ownership of each load moved, and to push ourselves harder to be effective, fast, and reliable. It also teaches us how to handle every situation quickly and accurately and to be more creative when faced with difficult situations.

6. Sharpens Negotiation Skills Efficiency is key in this business. Vital points such as results along with income and margins become more and more competitive and harder to improve. Negotiations must consider all players involved so that the customer, carriers and shippers are in winning positions. All this while maintaining success in your business.

7. Logistics is cool! – Logistics teaches you a lot of really interesting things, such as how a vessel behaves on different routes, how a trucking strike affects the prices of products, how shipping rates increase depending on the season, and even how a single tweet from a governor pauses the economy and affects every single part of the supply chain.

8. Sharing knowledge is awesome
– In my position, I’ve been able to share my knowledge and my experiences with many people. I like being able to teach others how to use technology, how to react better when faced with common logistics situations, and how to avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

9. Everyone can work in logistics – It is only a matter of passion. Whether you are an accountant, businessperson or a lawyer, you can be involved in this great industry.  Logistics offers the opportunity to accomplish great things no matter what your background may be.

10. As the world grows, we grow! – The fast changing field of logistics is what keeps the world moving. If you’re looking forward to expanding your company, your field, and your experience, the growing trends in logistics can help you further your career.

In conclusion, working in logistics is amazing. It has taught me to become a better professional and has helped me grow in an intense and dynamic environment.

I hope you share the same passion I have for this job!