Is Introducing A New Service That Offers An Opportunity For Brokers To Provide LTL Solutions To Their Customers

[Press Release]

MIAMI, FLORIDA, December 18, 2020- GLT Logistics has been working to support the industry with diverse solutions and initiatives that create new business opportunities. Now, they are introducing a new project that partners their experienced team with brokers to help them win more deals by offering LTL solutions to their customers.

This is an opportunity that will help those interested to add LTL solutions to their portfolios without incurring any investment and backed up by all mechanisms to ensure a confidential relationship. This plug and play service will provide a complete LTL operation ready to start working and will remove time-consuming tasks such as hiring, managing, and training a team so they can focus on growing their business while GLT takes care of the rest.

There are many benefits including the possibility to have all LTL processes in a single place, a dedicated team supporting operations at all levels, complete access to competitive contracts from a wide network of carriers, advanced technology, an expert team of resolutions, among many other features.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, feel free to reach out or visit: LTL for Brokers By GLT Logistics

About GLT Logistics:

GLT Logistics offers technology, innovative solutions, and a team of experts to support the logistics and transportation industry in the US, Mexico, and Canada. They work to build strong relationships with customers and providers. Their main goal is to provide expert, friendly, and efficient services with the highest technology available to fulfill every customers’ needs.

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