Shipping Guidelines

GLT Rate quotes are based on the information provided by the customer.

GLT LTL rates are valid for thirty (30) days (except tariffs from XPO and ABF. These are only valid for seven (7) days.)

GLT Volume LTL rates are valid for seven (7) days.

GLT FTL, and Heavy Haul rates are valid for ten (10) days. Container Drayage rates are valid for 20 days (except for some ports.)

GLT If your freight was handled by us and/or picked up under our contract, and you need to change the billing party, we will charge your company a handling fee. (15% of the cost with a minimum charge of $40 for LTL shipments and $150 for any other services.)

GLTAdditional charges such as attempted pick-ups and attempted deliveries are not included in the initial rate quote provided. Learn more about LTL additional charges and drayage accessorial.

GLT The final freight charges are going to be based on the actual weight, dimension, or freight classification of the shipment received by the carrier. It will also include all accessorial used when executed the service even if it wasn’t requested initially.

GLT Carriers can take up to thirty (30) days to bill additional charges to the final invoice.

GLT Any dispute of extra charges should be submitted within the first thirty (30) days from the delivery or notification of the extra fee.

GLT The pick-up date is subject to equipment availability. Please make sure to schedule the pick-up with enough time because distance, pick-up location, shipping hours, and/or unexpected circumstances may prevent the pick-up on the same day.

GLT All oversized shipment pick-ups are subject to the carrier’s capacity.

GLT For LTL services, carriers require at least two (2) hours for scheduling pick-ups, and this pick-up date is not guaranteed. If you have a time-sensitive shipment, please request an expedited or dedicated service.

GLT The pick-up process for partial loads may take up to 72 hours to be coordinated. If your shipment has a time-sensitive schedule, we strongly recommend that you use the ‘dedicated truck’ option.

GLT Transit times are standard, and they are defined by the carrier unless otherwise is specified. Please allow an additional day or two while the freight is in transit to cover unexpected delays in the delivery.

GLT Partial cargo liability is defined after verifying the amount of space used by the shipment.

GLT Standard cargo liability is limited to $100,000 USD per full truckload.

GLT Extra insurance is available upon request.

GLT Canada rates include only transportation charges. Customs clearance, taxes, or duties that might be associated with the shipment are not included in the rate provided.

GLT The shipments must be properly packed (palletized and/ or crated) to ensure its security while being transported. LTL pickups are subject to the carrier’s criteria about the freight and if it’s properly packed or not.

GLT Invoices must be paid in full before shipment is delivered unless you have a credit line approved with us.

GLT GLT Logistics may charge interest at the rate of 1.5% per month on undisputed overdue invoices. Invoices are due and payable within thirty (30) days from the invoice date.

GLT GLT Logistics is not responsible for losses, damages, delays on your shipments.

GLT Freight charges must be paid in full before the claim is filed and processed.

GLT GLT Logistics will assist your company in filing a claim against the carrier if needed.

GLT Please make sure to take notes on any weight discrepancies, shortages, loss, or damages on the proof of delivery receipt (POD). This information will act as proof when filing claims, and it will increase the possibility of receiving a positive outcome.

GLT If the customer wants to return the product back to the shippers’ location, the freight charges of this process are going to be charged as well.

GLT The responsibility of loading/unloading the shipment lies on the shipper/consignee.

GLT If the driver needs to wait more than fifteen (15) minutes to load/ unload extra charges may be added to the final invoice. Free time is conditioned to the weight of the shipment.

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