Hello customers! We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

We want to let you know we are still fully operational. Our team is safely working from home and we are ready to assist you through these complex times.

Now more than ever, being connected and informed are our top priorities so that you can develop strategies that help you adapt to upcoming restrictions and changes. We would like to keep you updated consistently during this time, so here is a list of important details that you should consider right now:

  • Many state governors have ordered residents to stay at home beginning at midnight on April 1st. Check out the interactive map the New York Times created where you can find the effective restriction dates for each state and consider when making plansWhich States and Cities Have Told Residents to Stay at Home
  • Warehouses and businesses are changing their operational hours

Due to the government-ordered restrictions, most businesses are modifying their opening and closing hours. Also since this is Holy Week, it is important to check if the locations you are working with are open and request appointments to avoid redelivery charges.

  • Signature for delivery has been suspended

To promote the safety of employees and minimize physical interaction, some carriers have suspended the signature for delivery. These carriers will only seek verbal confirmation of delivery for most shipments.

  • Some carriers have instituted a global suspension of money-back guaranteed services

The current circumstances have caused a disruption in the guaranteed services of companies due to the delays the industry has been facing in the last weeks. These delays are preventing carriers from meeting their high standards of service and schedules. (Ultram) The suspension was effective on March 24th and 26th until further notice.

  • FMCSA Eases Regulations for Learner’s Permit Holders, CDL Applicants.

To continue supporting the country and in response to the national emergency declared by the President, the FMCSA has granted a 3-month waiver from some regulations for Commercial Learner’s Permit holders operating commercial motor vehicles. This allows them to keep transporting essential supplies and equipment. This waiver is effective on March 28, 2020.

  • Drivers will no longer require using a paper logbook or ELD

To relieve some of the duties drivers are required to do during normal times, the FMCSA has created a list of exemptions that includes the elimination of the 30-minute break, as well as the obligation to meet hours-of-service regulations and recordkeeping requirements.

  • Air freight capacity has decreased due to restrictions

According to Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO, the capacity of cargo has significantly decreased over the last few months. He stresses the need to remove any blocks that keep the global air cargo network from working. The possibility of higher rates due to tight capacity is strong.

To conclude today’s update, we believe communication is more important than ever. We will be facing unprecedented days followed by this Holy Week so we recommend that you monitor conditions at your delivery locations before shipping to ensure your orders can be delivered.

Remember that GLT Logistics is here for you! We will continue our operations as normal and we will do our best to support you so that we achieve the best outcomes during these difficult days.